As we head into another weekend full of worry and concern, I want you know how much I think and pray for all of us during this unreal part of our lives.

Please stay safe at home. Remember if you do venture out practice social distancing and good hygiene.    As we say, “TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS”.


  If you’re a foodie . . .  Get takeout from a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.  Make a recipe you’ve had bookmarked forever.


  If you’re into culture . . .  Take a virtual museum tour, like the ones on Google Arts and Culture page.  Read books or binge watch a movie

  If you’re into culture . . .  Take a virtual museum tour, like the ones on Google Arts and Culture page.  Read books or binge watch a movie

 . . .  Host a virtual happy hour with your friends. 

 Take a nap.

Clean the Garage or better yet take a nap

I was really looking forward to this weekend for a long time and my plans have changed. But have find out Monday

What was I looking forward too?


Mania 36 was scheduled for Tampa Florida and it was going to have a Pirate theme, then Covid 19 happened and the WWE had to change plans and I am looking forward to what they are planning.

WrestleMania 36 will still happen, but it is the “Only WrestleMania Too big for one Night’

This mania has already been recorded without an audience and I am anxious to see if the creative minds at the WWE will do a show worthy of two nights.   They have enough trouble filling 3 hours on RAW on Mondays so forgive me if I have questions about the quality of this year’s show.

The WWE has a tough job making this mania memorable because of the Corona virus and then having to do all this with out the energy a live crowd can give.   Wrestling fans are a vocal bunch, Cheering, Chanting and Booing.   There are times that you will hear the crowd shout BORING, BORING when things are well Boring.  At least the wrestlers, I mean “Sports entertainers” won’t be hearing that unless they look at social media.

Another problem the WWE is facing is the same thing we are facing, the worries of being exposed to Covid 19.  Today the WWE says no wrestlers have the virus, but the threat has caused lots of problems for the show.

One of the Superstar wrestler Roman Reigns is not going to be on the card after being hyped to wrestle Bill Goldberg.  Roman has health concerns that mean he will not be there.  Reings has battled Leukemia twice in his life and his immune system would have a hard time fighting the virus.

The Miz showed up sick at a Smackdown taping and did not let management know and he has been pulled from the show.

Rey Mysterio, Murphy and Dana Brooks are sitting it out at home.

My opinion and the opinion of my Turnbuckle Trash co- host Chris Evans and Zane Petersen is that the WWE should have postponed the event and maybe combined it with SummerSlam.

But I will still turn om my computer sometime this weekend gets on the WWE network and cheer or boo but hope I don’t start a Social distancing chant ‘BORING, BORING “