Sometimes you have something planed for the weekend that is fun!  I had one planned for this weekend.  But something fun turned in


No joke, the past few months have not been easy on me or my wife.  I tore a tendon in my palm that needed surgery, during testing a pinched nerve in my elbow was found (surgery the same day).  While testing on the nerve another problem was found in my neck and on December 11 I will have surgery on my neck that might mean I will be out of action for a couple of weeks.  While all this was going on I had a wisdom tooth removed.  I AM A LITTLE STREST OUT!

That is why my wife and I had a weekend out of town planned.  Something fun like going to see PRO WRESTLING!

Well fun for me and Teresa said she would come with me (she can watch and enjoy wrestling, but not as much as I do).  She puts up a lot from me.

So we decide to go see DCW Saturday night at the Gateway.  We arrive early and I start introducing my wife to some of the Wrestlers I know, and that is when Fun became EPIC!

The ring announcer could not come so Manny Lemons , the promoter who has been on my podcast Turnbuckle trash and on my show on KOOL asked if I would pitch in an introduce the matches at ringside.  DING DING DING bring me the mic!

I had so much fun that I think I smiled the entire night. That wasn’t the 1st time I had been a ringside announcer, once in Louisiana I was ring side and got to introduce  acts like the Rockers including a very young SHAWN MICHEALS,  that night also featured Ted Debiase who went on to be the Million dollar man,  Koko B Ware wrestled a man who became THE ULITMATE WARRIOR!  Yes that was fun!  But what made this past Saturday EPIC was that it was spontaneous and my wife got to share it with me.

So now bring on the surgeries and the rehab and don’t forget to set that DVR so I can watch wrestling.

A big thank you to Manny Lemons, Reka Tehaka, Tombstone Jesus and his Queen, Tom  Chad, Andrew So Well, The Brothers Smith, and Bruce Wyanns ( a fellow Batman fan)   I had a great time

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