As you know I have a love hate relationship with Social Media and this weekend was a perfect example.

Before I start my rant, I should say I fully support the right to freedom of speech and opinion. But I get tired of those who think that their opinion is the only one that matters. Add that to keyboard courage and you might see what I am talking about.

The big debate on social media this weekend was mask and the value of wearing them in public.   I will not take the time to tell you my opinion on the mater, but I will tell you this the comments from some on both sides continue to make me shake my head.

The ones who debated the pro’s and cons were informative but there is always someone who feels a personal attacks are the ones that just make me want to say goodbye to social media.

Then this happens on Monday.

I see people posting on Memorial Day about relatives who had died in the service of our country including my own Uncle Edward Denton.

I never got to know my Uncle; he lost his life in France 10 days after the D-Day invasion.  A few years ago, a cousin had posted some information about my Uncle and his service which I had reposted on my account this year.

Another cousin posted some memories and information that I had never heard.  That my family was told that Uncle Ed had been part of the Normandy invasion.  My heart both soared and sank at the news.  I am so proud of my Uncle I never knew.

Then my cousin posted a picture of my Mother and Father that I had never seen.   So today I share that with you

For someone who had no memories of his father (he died when I was four) this picture really hit home.  For some of you who have similar backgrounds know what I mean.


To para-phase a quote as far as social media is concerned this weekend was