The small holidays can bring back memories.

Today is International Stress Awareness day!  Hey I am aware of my stress!!

Today is Saxophone day.  A day to remember all the great rock and roll songs that feature a mean Sax solo.

So to relieve stress I guess we can listen to Kenny G today.

And today is Nacho day

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I admit I don’t really like Nacho’s!  That’s Ok, because I have heard of people who don’t like BACON!  I know I was in shock when I found a friend was a non- bacon eater.

Nacho day brought back a strange memory from back in the day when I was single and I was set up on a blind date.

I drove an hour and a half into St. Louis to my friend’s house.   I waited with my friend and her new husband making small talk until my “Date “arrived.  We decided to go see the latest Star Trek movie.

We get to the theater and I sprung for movie snacks. Popcorn, soda and yes NACHO’S.

Finding a seat we started munching and talking, my date seemed nice until she offered me some of the nacho’s I bought for her.  I politely declined which seemed to offend her in some way.  She offered again, I declined.  She looked at me like I had just stepped on her cat’s tail.

So our conversation started going downhill as I explained I just didn’t care for nachos mainly because I don’t like cheese very much and what is the main ingredient of nachos?

I was so glad the Star Trek movie started.  Which movie was it?  One I didn’t like!  But I still liked it more than Nacho’s and I liked it more than my date!

So go out and enjoy your Nacho’s today!  Me I will have a BLT hold the L and hold the T.

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