I love to laugh!   I think it is my favorite thing to do…..  Well maybe the second favorite thing.  This is a family blog so I won’t say what is number one, but laughing is second… well maybe third.  BACON I LOVE BACON.

Bad joke aside I do love to laugh.  Humor has been such a big part of my life from laughing at .The Little Rascals.  One of the greatest lines ever came when Farina said.  “I’m twice as tired as you are.  Because I’m twice as big as you”

Then there are the Three Stooges. Ladies I know – most women don’t get the nuyk nuyk humor of a good eye poke , hair pull or the Curly shuffle!

And I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a Hospital and said “Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard”

Laughter gives me one of my favorite memories with my Mother.  I was in my teens and at the time it was just mom and me at home, it was Easter time, my mom would usually go out and buy me some new Sunday Clothes.  With money being tight Mom ask me to forgo the new clothes this year but to make up for it she would buy me any album I wanted and take me to lunch.  Easter weekend arrived and off to Sears we went, not for clothes but an album.   I chose George Carlin’s “AM FM” album. 

Now I had no idea about some of the foul language that Carlin was using in his act.  This was before the “Seven words you can’t say on TV” days.  Mom and I drove home and stopped for food at a Fish and Chips place near our home.  At home we sat down in the living room with our food and to listen to my new album.    Here is the audio of the 1st clip on the album.  I have bleeped out a certain word.

Now imagine my very conservative Mother hearing that in her home.   Let’s just say the word in question sounded very close to CHIP well it had a H and I in it.    Mom flipped out.   I was laughing so hard at her reaction and her saying we were taking that horrible album back and then even saying that I her innocent son, her only boy would have planned on buying that album.  I did not plan it that way, Honest, you believe me ,don’t you.

I went into begging mode and finally Mom relented and said if I only listened to the AM side only ( The clean side) that I could keep the album.  I promised!  I ONLY LISTENED TO THE CLEAN SIDE OF THAT ALBUM!

You believe me don’t you?   Well I must confess I did listen to both sides but I did not plan to buy it that day.


Laughter continues to be part of my life every day.  Sitcoms, funny movies and just the strange things in life that make me laugh.   Life is hard sometimes.  I can get serious but I try to find something to laugh about or to just smile. 


So today National let’s Laugh Day let’s get our giggle on!

Here are some trivia facts about humor

  1. 96% of people say they enjoy making others laugh. (That would be me)
  2. 95% of us think laughing helps relieve stress.  ( My blood pressure is good)
  3. 79% of us like our laugh.  But if we could choose a different one, 45% would want an “infectious” laugh . . . 33% would want a “sweet” laugh . . . 14% said a “goofy” laugh . . . 5% would want a “belly” laugh . . . and 3% would want an “annoying” laugh.  (???)


  1. 77% of people think they’re funny.  And 39% like to be self-deprecating and make fun of themselves to make people laugh.
  2. 60% of Americans in relationships think they’re the “funny one.”  That includes 68% of men, and 54% of women. (My wife has a great since of humor she had to she married I didn’t her!  I might be the “funnier one” but my wife has a great since of humor)
  3. Only 33% of men and 29% of women said they laugh at least 10 times a day.  (I am way above that)
  4. And the people who make us laugh the most are our friends, followed by our significant other . . . our kids . . . our siblings . . . and our parents.  What about a certain KOOL radio guy????


Today on stupid news:  That’s not a knife.  He’s drunk and Give me your pants

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