As the NBA season winds down, I have thinking about why I have loved the NBA for so many years and why I struggle with it sometimes.

One of my first NBA memories was the famous Willis Reed injury game.  That is when a badly injured New York Knick center Willis Reed somehow found the strength to come out of the locker room prepared to play on one leg if needed and that was a boost to the Knicks.

I remember watching the Lakers and the Bucks when a young Lew Alcindor (Karrem Abdul Jabbar) stopped the bucks thirty three game winning streak.  I was pulling for the Bucks because of Oscar Robinson, the Big O was such a fun player to watch.

Who couldn’t enjoy the rivalry of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson? A rivalry that began in the NCAA final four played in Salt Lake City.  Two of the best to ever play the game.  They were two different type of players but they were so much fun to watch.

Who was better?  In my mind Larry Bird was a better all-around player, why because he thought to game.  His Basketball IQ on the court was second to none.

The Utah Jazz, I moved to Utah 25 years ago just as the Jazz stared to become a force in the NBA.  Stockton to Malone, Horney from the corner. I became a Jazz fan.

Watching the playoff game with Huston where John Stockton hit the shot to send the Jazz to the NBA finals.  It was a warm night and my front door was open for fresh air and the minute Stockton hit the shot you could hear my neighborhood celebrate.   It was so cool to hear people go outside to scream for joy honking horns and just celebrating that our beloved Jazz were in the Championship round.

Then as ABC would say, “THE AGONY OF DEFEAT”.  The Jazz and the Bulls was a great series, with the greatest player of all time Michael Jordon.  He dominated when he needed to even when he had food poisoning.  Michael Jordon the best, broke my heart several times.

But he is also the reason I started to have second thoughts about the NBA.  I have no proof but if you have watched the NBA you might have noticed the stars get special treatment form the Refs.   Jabbar and Chamberlin traveled with the ball so much they should still be using their frequent flyer miles.  MJ pushing off on B- Russ and this season. James Hardin traveling dropping his shoulder and drawing the foul.  It just gets to be a little too much for me.  So do I still love the NBA?   Yes but I don’t watch it very often anymore.

My 5 favorite NBA players in no order

John Stockton and Karl Malone- How can you separate the two.

Larry Bird- Did more with his skills than anyone I have ever seen in the game.

John Havlacheck- Boston Celtics

Jerry West- the Logo,

Bill Russel- I started watching the NBA when he was a player coach of the Celtics.  Then when he went into broadcasting you could tell his love of the game with a great laugh.

Today fifteen years ago Napoleon Dynamite premiered and the quirky film which was filmed here in norther Cache County and Preston Idaho had some great individual lines.

Stupid news: Avocado’s and Cage fighting

Laff lines