If you don't have a ticket for tonight's (July 3rd) Neil Young concert at Detroit's Fox Theatre -- don't fret -- the twice-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer will be streaming the concert live. Jambase.com posted that Young's will be sharing the concert tonight via his NeilYoungArchives.com site.

Neil Young explained his constant yearning to shake things up in his career: "Well, it's always a different reason. During the '80s, I think that's when I got this reputation for changing all the time, 'cause in the '70s I never had this reputation. I didn't change that much, I just did the same thing one way and then another way, just like I've always done. But in the '80s, it got into a period where I felt like, why continue. . . I couldn't get into what I had been doing -- 'couldn't get into a lot of things that formerly I could get into. They just seemed like they were old. It was more like a disguise than it was style, or something."