Out now is a new book that chronicles the story of legendary Seattle band Soundgarden. Titled Dark Black And Blue: The Soundgarden Story, the tome by author Greg Prato will begin with the band members' pre-Soundgarden days and follow their history all the way to the present, including the tragic 2017 death of singer Chris Cornell.

Drummer Matt Cameron told us a while back that when Soundgarden first started out, their musical influences were vast and diverse: "In our scene up here in the Northwest in the '80s and '90s, we were sometimes considered to be the Rush of Seattle, just because we could sort of play our instruments maybe better than most bands (laughs). We never really tried to flaunt any musical chops, but we always had pretty diverse tastes. We had a lot of really cool influences amongst ourselves that we tried to infuse in the music."

The book will include all-new interviews with Matt Pinfield, Philip Anselmo and Marky Ramone and others, rarely seen photos from throughout the band's history, and analysis of all the band's albums and classic songs.

The 453-page paperback book is priced at $19.99 and the Kindle digital version is $9.99. Prato said in a statement, "For some odd reason, there have been few books written about Soundgarden's career . . . despite quite a few fans such as myself strongly feeling that not only was Soundgarden the greatest grunge band of them all, but also, one of the greatest rock bands ever."