2019 will bring the latest documentary to focus on the genius behind the Beach Boys, the now 76-year-old Brian Wilson. Wilson is currently out on the road through the end of the month with his first holiday tour, which features him performing the Beach Boys' classic 1964 Christmas Album in its entirety.

Wilson spoke to Rolling Stone about the still-unfinished and untitled film, which is directed by Brett Wilson — no relation — and features Wilson chatting with Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine. Brian explained, “It felt like a good time to look back. I have so many memories in L.A. of growing up, all the good times with my band — we were just kids when we started, and of course memories of my brothers Dennis and Carl (Wilson), who I miss so much. Over the years Jason and I have had a lot of fun times — just relaxing and listening to music, talking at the deli and cruising down to Malibu for sushi, so we got into that groove to make this movie. I hope it shows people the love I feel and the hope I have to share love through my music.”

Among the key interviews in the movie are: Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Jim James, Nick Jonas, Taylor Hawkins, Jakob Dylan, and Bob Gaudio, among others. Brett Wilson, spoke about the film, explaining, “It’s more like an impressionist painting. It’s definitely not a biographical film. It’s not linear in any fashion. It’s more of an impressionistic film with the music as the driving force that carries it through I feel like we’ve got something different here. I’ve never seen a biopic like this before. I’m hoping it’ll be received for what it is, a beautiful, honest portrait of Brian.”

Producer Don Was who spent time behind the boards for both Brian Wilson on his own and with the Beach Boys, also directed the riveting 1995 documentary on Wilson, called, I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, named after Wilson's 1966 classic from Pet Sounds. Was remains as impressed today as he ever was Wilson: “The sum total of my experience with him is that as an artist, he’s, y’know, without peer. He’s got a unique vision of music that’s had an enormous impact on the vocabulary of rock n’ roll. And on a personal level, the guy, he’s a man of steel, y’know? I mean, he’s got incredible strength, he’s overcome some really severe obstacles that have been tossed in his way, and really survived.”