David Crosby has teamed up with New York Times best-selling author Steve Silberman for the new limited series podcast, Freak Flag Flying. The longtime friends recorded the chats over two days, covering a string of topics -- including how Silberman introduced "Croz" to the Internet.

Jambase.com posted about the debut episode: "The discussion turns to 78-year-old Croz's recent collaborations with younger musicians including his son, James Raymond, who as an adult reunited with his father after being given up for adoption in the 1960s. . . Silberman asks Crosby about his recent experiences sitting-in with Steely Dan. While detailing his memories of the collaboration, Crosby explains how Donald Fagen came up with the idea to play 'Wooden Ships.' Episode one also touches on Jerry Garcia, Twitter, streaming services and other aspects of the music industry."

David Crosby told us that his songwriting is a natural extension of his heart and mind: "A sense of humor is necessary to stay alive and a sense of what do you love, what do you care about, what really has worth in this life. And I wind up writin' about that. There are things I'm very angry about -- I wind up writin' about those."

To listen to Freak Flag Flying - Episode 1: Set A Course And Go, log on to: http://bit.ly/35udj1t