The Rolling Stones' Ron Wood is the latest rocker whose life and times will be chronicled in a new TV documentary. The Sun reported Wood -- who's currently on the road with the Stones through the end of August -- will release his first new studio album since 2010's I Feel Like Playing in October.

A source close to Wood revealed that the guitarist felt the need to boost his profile apart from the Stones, explaining, "He hasn't done any solo recordings since I Feel Like Playing and Live In London in 2010. He felt it was time to tell his story with a programme he fully cooperated with. It's likely to be with the BBC or Netflix and offers a very candid look back on his life."

The unnamed insider went on to add: "But making this documentary, which has taken four years to complete, and the album, hasn't been easy. He's had to juggle so many things over the last decade."

Ron Wood recalled the lead up to his debut as the Rolling Stones' third and final second guitarist back in 1975: "Well, it was a fragile ship when I joined, y'know, because they'd been through many ups and downs, and there was kind of a grey cloud. Even though I knew the music, I'd never actually played the songs. So, at Montauk, Keith and I hardly slept and we kept going through the songs and, like he was hittin' me -- ‘Okay, ‘All Down The Line' -- here we go (sings riff, laughs)!' And all these songs going through my head and June the 1st in Baton Rouge in 1975, that was my opening gig. Yeah, that was really. . . I said, ‘Come on, throw it at me. Whatever you've got.'"

Over the past dozen or so years, Rod Stewart and Ron Wood have teamed up in the studio for a supposed joint album, which at one point was said to be tentatively titled, You Strum - I'll Sing. A while back we asked Rod if there's any chance we'll see him and Ron Wood teaming up for new sessions: "There may be, there may be. Y'know, it all depends on Ronnie. . . Ronnie's got another group that he's in, y'see (laughs). He wants to know what they're going to do before -- y'know, I can't put my career on hold waiting for Ronnie, who's waiting on them. So that's the way it goes on and on. Y'know, maybe one day when they pack it in, we'll have a bit more time together."