Out today (June 21st) is a new Freddie Mercury single, "Time Waits For No One." The video for the song has just gone online, with the 1986 track originally released as part of Dave Clark's musical soundtrack, Time. The 2019 version has been revamped, with a previously unreleased Mercury vocal take, and a new piano accompaniment.

Dave Clark, today a music mogul, but best known to American fans as the drummer and leader of the Dave Clark Five, spoke to Billboard about the song, recalling, "When I was doing my project Time, I wanted Freddie, but the record company said there’s no way he’d ever do anything like that. Even though I had Stevie Wonder, Laurence Olivier and you name it. I got in touch with his girlfriend, Mary Austin, and she gave me his number in Munich. I phoned Freddie, and he said, 'Oh, I’ve read all about it. You’ve got these amazing people. But you’ve come a bit late, dear.' I said, 'I’ve got a track that I think is very you. I’m quite prepared to fly over. If you don’t like it, don’t feel embarrassed or whatever. We’ll have a drink or a bite to eat and I’ll fly back.' He loved the track, he flew over a week later from Munich and we recorded at Abbey Road. He wanted to use Queen, and I’m a big fan of Queen. But I wanted to do something different. I said, 'I’d like to use my guy. If he doesn’t work for you, I’ll pay for him to get Queen in.' It worked beautifully."

Clark recalled Mercury's dedication to the song: "He started at six in the evening, or later, at Abbey Road, and he finished at six in the morning. He was just singing like he’d sing to 100,000 people or more. He used to bring his personal chef down, Joe Fanelli. We did it over several evenings, and he’d come out with these big hampers of amazing food, specially cooked. Loads of Cristal champagne and vodka. The nice thing about Freddie, he provided even for the tape op. It shows what a real person he was."

Shortly before his 1991 death, Freddie Mercury explained that the variety of having multiple songwriters in Queen curbed many of the band's impulses to work with other people: "I think this is one of the few groups that all four members write. In a funny way, when we do a Queen album, they're like four solo projects within themselves anyway; 'cause, I mean, I have my bunch of songs, Brian has his, Roger (Taylor), and John (Deacon). . . And so, it's like four little solo projects working side by side and them we put them all together. So, I think that is the reason that we didn't go and do solo projects earlier on. If we were writing all the same kind of songs, then we would've gotten fed up and said, 'Oh, I want to do my solo album first.' But we all are writing different songs, so it keeps us interested."