The new crowd-sourced video for Tom Petty's "Clubhouse" version of his tune "You And Me" has just been posted online. The new version of the 2002 track from The Last DJ album, was remade by Petty & The Heartbreakers and will be included the the upcoming Petty box set, An American Treasure, set for release on September 28th.

Ultimate Classic Rock reported, "In addition to the fan-sourced material, which the Petty estate solicited 'in honor of Tom Petty and his profound 40-year relationship with his fans,' the 'You And Me' video also features Heartbreaker Benmont Tench playing piano, in footage shot (on) August 3rd at the band's (recording and rehearsal space dubbed the) "Clubhouse."

Last month a message to fans was posted on, which read:

Dear Tom Petty Fans

We are making a very special music video in honor of Tom Petty and his profound 40 year relationship with his fans and we would love for you to help us. We invite you to share your favorite moment with Tom and the band.

A picture you took with Tom, a favorite video moment from a show, or any expression of love for the band that you have
photographed and cherished.


Tom Petty made no bones of the fact that whatever he's gotten as a musician over the decades has been due to his connection and bond with his audience: "There were times when I really had to work and hustle. I never felt like a got a huge promo from the music business. I don't think they ever held me up and made things easy for me. My audience is what's made me survive, actually. It's actually the people we play to and that buy the records that have made us a sort of, contradiction."