Bringing in the New Year was kind of different for me this year.    I ACTUALLY STAYED AWAKE TO BRING IN 2018!  Sort of.

Because I didn’t have to be on KOOL on New Year’s Day, my plan for New Year’s Eve was to go to bed when I was sleepy.   For some reason I was awake at my usual bed time so I stayed awake and decided to watch the Ball drop from New York City and turned the channel to CNN for their coverage with Anderson Cooper just basically to see how he would do without his former Co-host Kathy Griffin who had been fired from that job and many more for her tasteless photo about President Trump that she tweeted.  At the time I was telling everyone that all her so called humor was tasteless.  I am not a fan.

Back to Anderson Cooper, I have never seen a TV host look like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was.  He looked bored and uninterested and his Co- host Andy was trying to get him to do or say anything.  I felt sorry for Andy.  Cooper was there but not there at the same time

CNN also had several cutaway reports from around the country as people celebrated.  Two reports came from Colorado.   One report was live on a tour bus where people were smoking marijuana and the reporter was holding a joint!   All I could think was the Bus Driver is getting a contact high!   Another report had a reporter who was at a celebration called PUFF, PASS and PAINT.  Yes a marijuana themed party where the bartender was mixing drinks with THC.   HOW CLASSY I said with sarcasm.

Now I know recreational use of grass is legal in Colorado and I am not bashing you if you are one who uses it .  I just thought it was is poor taste for CNN to focus on that.  But then again they show people getting drunk too.   But I just thought to myself that maybe it’s this kind of reporting that is causing the ratings at CNN to drop all the time.  Is it fake news or just tasteless news?

My wife and I also spent a lot of time over the weekend watching a show called “LIVE PD” on the A& E channel.   Camera crews go with police in several locations around the country (including Utah) and the host and 2 cops take you live to the scene of whatever is going on at that time.  This show is scary and funny and eye-opening at the same time.

If you watch this you will see for yourself why I hold Policemen and women in such high regard.  You see how a routine traffic stop can lead to a drug bust like what happened near Park City in October where 20 pounds of marijuana was found after a man was pulled over for a minor traffic violation.   You will also see people lie to the officers over and over again about drugs alcohol and weapons.    Then you will also see that these men and women have hearts and truly try to help people even when they have been lied to and called names (add you own BLEEP here.

So if you are a police officer or know one, my respect for you grows.  I know and you know you are not perfect but you are expected to make perfect decisions in keeping us safe.  Sometimes safe from ourselves.  Because some people are just dumb!

This morning I also found out how frustrating technology can be.  I was preparing the Stupid news segment for 7:15 am and 2 minutes before it was to go on the radio DOH!  The computer decided it wasn’t ready.  So the 7:15 Stupid news didn’t air until 7:25.  Stupid computers!

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