Such a wonder phrase, wishing someone the best.  Expressing your believe in Jesus Christ.  At the same time it means wishing someone happiness.

How did saying Merry Christmas become controversial in today’s P.C. world?  Without getting to political I think it comes from people who are not happy themselves.  Let me explain.

I am a happy man, with a wonderful wife and a great job.  I try not to let things upset me too much.   So a few years ago when the thought police started saying they were offended by the term “Merry Christmas” and its use in retail and in our Government.   I ask what the big deal is.  I know there are people who don’t have the same beliefs as I do, and I respect that.   But by trying to limit my use of the term “Merry Christmas” you offend me!  So who is more offended and who is more harmed.


I offer you this, those that get offended by Merry Christmas.  Say whatever you want back to me.    I say Merry Christmas as a way to wish you the best.  If you would like to wish me the best say it whatever way you want.  The only way you will offend me is by making a big deal out of a salutation that means a lot to me.

So lighten up, life is too short to be angry over very little.

Reserve your anger for more important matters.

Let’s take this time of the year which can take on so many meaning from religious to the secular and just lighten up and enjoy our friends and families in what every way you would like.  You won’t offend me just like I am not trying to offend you when I say.





Have a KOOL Yule!