Today is National Nurses Day and with the pandemic of 2020 I think Nurses are finally getting the recognition they greatly deserve!

My Mother was an LPN who worked at a hospital in Memphis and that is how she supported her family by working long hours on her feet for little money.

Mom is an inspiration to me, but I will have more about my Mom on Friday.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with some of the finest nurses in Northern Utah.  As you know I had three surgeries in since September two on my left hand and wrist and one with a neck fusion which require a hospital stay.

My 1st night in the hospital a nurse came in being very professional which was KOOL but my wife and I like to talk, and this Nurse became friendlier.  So friendly to the point of the next day on her day off she showed up with a gift of a Justice League Blanket for me.

Also, while in the Hospital a Nurse came in to help me with my medication.  One of the pills WAS HUGE and I had a lot of trouble getting it down.   It was stuck and no matter what I did it would not go down.  This went on for at least 10 minutes and I could see the nurse becoming more concerned.  The Stuck pill was not blocking my air way, but I just could not get it down.   We tried water, apple sauce, pudding (which is a lot better than apple sauce) and finally Diet Coke  and that worked.

As the young nurse and I talked about what happened and had a good laugh.  She had said she was wondering how to do the Heimlich on me.  This nurse stood about 5 foot and was small. Me 6 foot one and huge.

So today when we talk about our frontline heroes, I tell you I have thought of them as hero’s all my life