The filmmakers of the Bee Gees' new documentary are seeking help from fans for the upcoming project. The producers of the officially sanctioned doc posted a message to fans on the official website,, stating, “If you or someone you know have visual or audio-visual material of the Bee Gees, we want to hear from you! We are looking for photographs, video footage, audio recordings, and concert footage to help tell this remarkable story. . . Appropriate credit will be given for submitted material if used in the film.”

According to the site, “The documentary feature, which is authorized by Barry Gibb and the families of Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb, will be presented and fully financed by Polygram, Capitol Records and UMPG, and directed by Academy Award nominated Frank Marshall who will produce the film with multiple award-winning producers Nigel Sinclair, Jeanne Elfant Festa, and Mark Monroe.”

The announcement goes on to read: “The documentary, which will have complete access to all the Bee Gees archives, seeks to reveal the character of the Bee Gees as a group and as individuals, (and) will explore the, sometimes unsung, nature of the band’s brilliance, their astonishing songwriting prowess, and their distinctive ability to connect with each cultural era — while always returning to the same emotional core: the remarkable relationship between three extraordinarily talented brothers.” No title or release date has been announced.

Shortly before his 2012 death, Robin Gibb shed light on the group's beginnings: “Well, we started writing songs when we were eight-years-old and started natural harmonies. Nobody ever taught us anything, so we did it out of fun — for nothing else. We started in Manchester just copying what we heard on the radio and imagining what their new single would be like and as young as eight or nine we were actually imagining and composing music.”

Last summer upon receiving the knighthood at Buckingham Palace, sole-surviving Gibb brother Barry Gibb was asked by The Daily Mail how he felt receiving the honor: “Very proud. Very proud. And my family, everybody's been bouncing off the wall, because nobody really understands that this could happen. But (I) just don't think that this could happen for me today without my brothers. The idea of what we did together was something that we shared our entire lives, y'know? And we were relentless. It didn't matter if something didn't work out — we just kept going.”

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