What a way to start my day.   The alarm goes off at 4:30am.  I jump out of bed (to be honest, I say a few choice words and proceed to slowly get up).I get to the station at my usual time and then it hit me. Stupid computer!   The dang thing crashed!  After trying to fix the problem myself, I made the call to the on duty tech waking him up and I am sure he went through the same routine himself— at least the choice words.   John the tech came to station and he was stumped so we call another tech guy.   Not sure we woke him up because he sounded Chipper.  Probably a morning person!

So it is Paul on the phone, John and I in the studio and a couple more steps and things are working again.   Thanks to John and Paul.

Just to explain my frustration.  The 1st hour I am here is all about preparation for the morning.   But this morning by the time the computer was working again I was already 1 hour and 15 minutes behind.    THEN IT HAPPENED.

A 2nd computer crashed!  This computer program is for recording and of things like Stupid news.   Luckily, this fix was simple to make Mr. Computer happy!

Sledge hammer oh how I wish I had you this morning.

This morning we talked about the top 10 Boy bands according to Billboard Billboard   10. “MMMBop”, Hanson.  9. “Back Here”, BBMak.  8. “Step By Step”, New Kids on the Block.  7.  “Daydream Believer”, The Monkees.  6. “Can You Stand the Rain”, New Edition.  5. “Tearin’ Up My Heart”, ‘N Sync.  4. “What Makes You Beautiful”, One Direction.  3. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, The Beatles.  2. “I Want You Back”, The Jackson 5.  1. “I Want it That Way”, The Backstreet Boys  .We found out about Latoya’s giggle and a welcome to a Royal baby.

Stupid news:  Water spouts and gophers


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