March is a month of madness.

Before the Madness became mad I would stay up late at night to watch some of the tournament on tape delay on CBS.

Fast Forward to today and you can access games on like a bazillion channel, aps, and websites.  The NCAA basketball tournament has become a yearly event.

I remember watching my team, the Memphis State Tigers play U.C.L.A. in the title game which they lost to the Bruins and some guy name Bill Walton.   I have always wondered why Bill wasn’t kicked out of the game when he got his 2nd technical foul.   He had one in the 1st half and then got a 2nd tech when he dunked the basketball, which at the time was against the rules.   Dang it!

Then I move to Utah and the Utes play Kentucky.  I was rooting for the Utes mainly because I used to work at a store near the campus and some of the players would come in and dang they were good.  I just remember that the Utes just flat ran of gas in the game.

I watched the USU Aggies upset Ohio State and that is when I became a huge Aggie fan.  (Beat Fresno State)

So here it is 2019 and the Tournament is just getting ready to begin.  I will try once again to fill out a bracket and once again I will be busted after round one.

I have never won a bracket, but I did come in 2nd one year and won (NO MONEY WAS INVOLED) a trip to Park City.   My wife and picked the one weekend a year that there was nothing to do in Park City and spent the entire weekend watching movies in our hotel room.

So here is where I issue you a challenge.  Join the Cache Valley Media Bracket Challenge.   There is a link on our web page, go there enter your name and then Monday or Tuesday fill out your bracket and see how you stack up with everyone else including ME!   If you can beat me you will win…….. Absolutely nothing from me but you could win prizes in the Bracket Challenge.

Follow along and see how you stack up with others, including some of your favorite radio guys and gals here at the Cache Valley Media group.  (Of course we know that I your humble morning show host Dave Denton is you favorite!)  WHAT?????????

If you have a friend who is a rival and you are winning over him or her...RUB IT IN!

If you are losing to your rival – don’t answer there calls and unfriend them on Facebook.


So to help you here are some tips about filling out your bracket from

  1. Don’t overthink it

With so little time to fill out your bracket, give it a good once over and submit it into your pool, there’s no time for second guessing. If you have a team you think is going all the way, just pencil them in there. Don’t even look at the opponents. Doing this will help you fill out at least half of the Final Four; it also gives you more time to look at other spots in the bracket.

  1. Don’t pick any No. 1-4 seeds to lose in the first round

It is tempting to pick a slew of upsets, because we all want to that. But it’s not realistic. The best practice for anyone trying to fill out a bracket quickly is just to advance all the No. 1-4 seeds into the second round.

  1. Pick a few No. 12 seeds over No. 5 seeds

Here’s where you can get those upsets out of your system. While teams seeded 1-4 may not get upset often, it happens all the time to No. 5 seeds. (46 times to be exact.)

  1. Look for star power

A lot of NCAA Tournament games come down to the wire, which means a lot of times the team with the best, most clutch player advances. So you should pick teams that have proven stars.

  1. Live by the 3

The great equalizer in basketball is the 3-pointer, and teams that knock down shots from range do well in the tournament. Looking at each team’s 3-point percentage stats is a solid way to pick out a couple teams that may have a chance to go deeper than expected.



Today is Mike Loves Birthday . Mike is a founding member of the Beach Boys.   I interviewed him just before they performed at the Cruise in.

Today on the morning show we had St Patrick Day tips and Shaq sets a world record

Stupid news: I SAID NO TOMATOES!  Honeymoons have changed and a fire in Germany

Laff lines: Having a dirty car