A famous Jeff Foxworthy joke talks about Presidential speeches and it could also apply to tonight.  To paraphrase.


As a kid I dreaded election night coverage because we only had 3 channels of TV (4 if you count PBS) and with all the regular programing preempting, it was not a fun night for little Dave.   I might as well do my homework was my main thought, but then I would get distracted and would forget to do the homework.

But thanks to technology if you don’t want to watch all the constant coverage and what this so called expert thinks about results over and over and over and over and over again.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH!

I wasn’t always anti-election night coverage.  I was watching when after winning the California primary Bobby Kennedy was killed.

In college I was working at the college radio station just learning my craft and we had extensive coverage.   My guy lost and a supporter of the other guy was relentless in rubbing it in.

I did work in the news reporting area for quite a few years and my most memorable night of coverage was a Presidential election year and the county I was in was THE LAST TO REPORT THERE RESULT!  We did not finish till about 5 am and I had to be at the radio station at 6am. The process was taking so long that the county sheriff went to a 24 hour store and brought everyone snacks. All the election officials even went to breakfast together before going home.   NOT ME I HAD TO GET TO WORK!

Over the years my interest in the political process has been tainted by negative ad campaigns and social media members belittling others for views opposite of their own.

So tonight the blue ray player will be in use and I will wait until all the results are in.  Then avoid all the so called experts who will be trying how I should feel about the results.

I guess you could say I still vote but the immediate aftermath doesn’t interest me.  It is the long term results that matter to me.

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