I was excited to see that Salt Lake City is trying to get the 2030 winter games.  I love the Olympics, and I have some great memories of 2002 when the games came to Utah.

I didn’t go to an event like a lot of people did.  I wasn’t a volunteer either.  Why?  I was very ill at the time.  Sick enough that I almost bought the farm.  I won’t go into a lot of details but I developed some very serious complications from Kidney Stones that led to 11 procedures in an 18 month time including a major surgery just after the winter games.

But do I have some great memories of the games.  If you were here in 2002 you know that the fate of the games was in jeopardy, not because of the scandals but a lack of snow.  We just didn’t have any.  It was like this year mild with very little snow and then KABLAMO. A major winter storm hit just a few days before the games and it dumped so much snow that schools closed including Utah State and I think that was one of the few times that Utah state cancelled classes.

Of course I had to be on the radio that morning and despite the conditions I made it.  But most of the snow dumped while I was on the air.  Let’s just say it was a surprise I made it home.  My wife even dug out a path in our driveway so I could get to our home, I would not have been able to get in if she had not done that.

I was asked by the Coca Cola Company to ride in the back of a company pick up and announce to people that the Olympic torch run was a few minutes behind us and to get ready.  I picked up the route in Tremonton on a beautiful winter day with thousands of people along the route, we stopped at Garland and drove into Cache Valley on the Valley view highway.  Remember all the snow and what happens in Cache Valley in the winter INVERSION.   As we crossed over the Mt’s into the valley the temperature not only dropped it dropped fast.  In Garland it was about 30 degrees and sunny, but when we stopped at 2nd north and 10th west the temp was a balmy 10 below zero.

It was back into the back of the open ended truck going about 5 to 10 mph along the route.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO COLD IN MY LIFE!  And remember I was sick at the time, but I was having the time of my life.  As we drove along the route on 2nd north and about 4th west I saw my wife and Mother in Law which made the cold so bearable.  I didn’t know Cache valley had so many people.  When we turned onto 14th north the truck came to a stop.  There were so many people along the route and in the street we could hardly move.  I was so excited I didn’t notice the cold at all.  We finally made it to the Spectrum were the crowd got to see Brent bring in the torch!  Everybody know Brent, I wave to him every time I see him on his bike.

The Coke truck then took us to Main Street and dropped me off at the Logan river bridge, were I met up with my wife and a few thousand people to see the Torch relay.  But before we arrived at the Bridge, we made a sudden stop, we were actually involved in a fender bender.  I was still in the pickup bed but I didn’t see what happened but I felt it.

As I look back at all my years in radio, I think being asked to be a small part of The Olympic Torch relay was one of the KOOLest things I have ever done.

Before the games I went to see the Chinese Short Track speed skaters practice at the Ellen Eccles Ice Center in North Logan and also to the exhibition hockey game which got more than a little physical!

The games are so KOOL, and I am excited to watch them over the next couple of weeks. BRING ON THE CURLING

Did you know that we here in America are pronouncing the host city wrong:


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