I had one of those days on Monday

After getting to the radio station at 5am and doing the show until 1o am we had a meeting that made me late for lunch ( i did not say i misses lunch, I never miss lunch).  After getting some lunch i had some personal things to take care of.  The power outage on Saturday night damaged two pieces of equipment we use in my home.

I contacted the company we purchased the equipment from and was told to exchange them at no charge ( my favorite kind of charge).  i go home to set  up the items but needed to call a number to activate them.  The `1st device set up did not go well.  one tech handed me to a trouble shooter tech and we were on the phone over an hour and decided someone would have to come to my home to fix the problem.  (Dave is not happy).

On too device 2,  the set up and phone call went well with another tech from the same company.  After the set up he asks if I still need to  have a visit to my home.   I tell him about the previous problem, and he asks to try to help.  Geuss what?  it took about 15 minutes to fix the problem on the 1st device .  All in all, a project that should have taken 15 to 30 minutes turned into a 3 and a half hour marathon.

at least things are fixed at home.   But here we are having some tech issues so stupid news will not be on today but Laugh line will.  Jim Gafagan on Fall

have a great day