When you are young there are celebrities that you idolize the ones who you love everything they do.  When I was younger there were entire magazines devoted to a teenage girl to see pictures of the latest teen idol.  Now since I am not a girl my idols growing up tended to be sports stars like Gayle Sayers and Bob Gibson.  Rock and roll stars like Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Over my years in radio I have had the opportunity to meet and interview.  People like Garth Brooks, Three dog Night. Reo speed Wagon and serval prominent politicians.  There have only been two that I geeked out about one was Charlie Daniels and the other Tommy Smother’s.

Several years ago a friend who runs a cable TV station in Laughlin Nevada called me and asked if I would like to interview Tommy since he was in Laughlin doing a show and since Tommy was a friend of his he said he could set it up.    GEEK OUT TIME!

I waited and waited until it was time for me to call one of the great comedy minds and a cultural icon of the 60’s.  The Smother’s Brothers comedy hour was a ratings winner for CBS but it was controversial at the same time with jokes and skits about politics and the Vietnam War.  The Smothers brothers pushed the envelope and CBS fired them for it!  But the style of humor they did was the kind I love.  Edgy maybe a little crude without being filthy.

My sisters and I would listen to the comedy albums over and over again. Favorites included, I fell in a vat of chocolate.  The civil war song and Hiawatha the shin kicker.   Tom and Dick Smothers were awesome and I had the opportunity to see them several times before they retired.

But back to the interview, I asked Tommy about the CBS controversy, we talked the use of the straight man for a comedy team and what an important role the Dick had in the duo.   I also asked Tommy about John Lennon and the so called lost weekend which included John and Harry Neilsen getting kicked out of a LA club and Tommy playing guitar on “Give Peace a Chance”   I thought the interview was incredible if I do say so myself and I do say so myself.

After completing the interview I was a ball of energy.  I was bouncing off the walls I WAS GEEKING OUT!  I talked with Tommy Smothers! I spent the rest of the day calling friends and families telling them, my poor wife heard the story over and over again but she smiled every time.   One of the Koolest things I ever did.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to my interview with Tommy Smothers

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