Going to visit the Doctor is not fun and sometimes scary because the Doctor must tell you bad news.

I’ve had my share of that bad news and recently received more bad news that might mean I will miss a few days after some needed surgery.   Maybe more than one.

I will find out more in the next few weeks but the Doctors were testing to find out why I had some numbness in my hand and found the cause which a minor procedure should take care of.  But while doing test another problem was found.   I have some pretty bad neck problems.  I won’t bore you with details because I don’t know much.   I will let you know when I know later September.

All this bad news led to a conversation with someone I know about medicine and her complaint about Doctors who she says don’t know what they are doing.   Well I beg to disagree.

Think about the times you been to the office with a complaint and they know exactly what to do and soon you are feeling better.

But remember this the human body is very complex and sometime one symptom can mean many different things.

I don’t think medicine is an exact science and that is OK with me.   Time and time again in my life along with friends and families I have seen Doctors work hard to diagnose a problem only to perform test after test.  Why because they are trying to rule out the worst scenario first and hopefully treat as early as possible.  If the worst case is not the worst case it is time to try again.

You are probably saying to yourself “Well I could guess, they are Doctors, they should know”   Well they don’t know everything but they have EDUCATED GUESSES.  All you have is something you read on WEB MD.

I will agree some Doctors are better than others but you find that in everyday life.  Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Arnold Palmer the Beatles, Elvis, all considered great at what they do but guess what.  Everything they did wasn’t great.

What I am trying to say is that when you see a Doctor you trust and like let them do their job and if you think you aren’t getting the care you deserve and need go see someone else.   It is that simple.   If a mistake is made you have plenty of options to the extent of what you want and need.

I will let everyone know when I know about my neck.  Am I concerned   NO!   …… Ok …..Yes I am.  I would be lying to you if I said otherwise.

Today is National Dog day:  I dedicate this to the dog of my youth “PRECIOUS” I did not name the dog.

Stupid News had stupid crooks and stupid cops and EWWWWWWW!

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