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Last Sunday night at the NBA all-star game pop singer Fergie created controversy with a some called a smooth jazz performance of our National Anthem.  I called it BAD!  One of the worst performances ever!  Give her credit she has apologized for offending those who just want the national anthem to be performed the way it written without all the changing of notes and tempo.

Over the years there have been many performances that make you proud to be an American and some performances that just make you cringe.  Even some that were controversial at the time but today draw praise.  The two that come to mind are the World Series when Jose Feliciano did what is now considered a classic performance but at the time it wasn’t. In 1983 at the NBA all – star game Marvin Gaye’s R and B performance drew many complaints yet today is considered a classic.  But if you heard Fergie warble through her performance you know it will not be considered a classic …….EVER!

I found an article from Billboard that has video of really bad performances of the National Anthem!   Here is a link to the article

Whitney Huston did an incredible version but drew criticisms because she lip synced her performance and Carl Lewis showed that he might be able to run fast but the high notes caused his voice to crack.

I for one love the more traditional versions of The Star Spangled Banner like this one by retired Petty officer 1st class General Wilson before a Philadelphia Eagles playoff game this season.

But I will always remember a performance just after 911.  Lilian Garcia stepped up to the Mic in a WWE Pro Wrestling ring on September 13th of 2001 and gave one of the best performances ever.

Don’t get me started on political protest during the anthem.  I just believe that it is not a time to focus on our differences but to focus on what makes us the same. For good or bad WE ARE AMERICANS!

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