Out today (June 28th) is The Doobie Brothers: Live From The Beacon Theatre. The double-disc set features the band's first gigs at the hallowed New York City venue in 25 years. The Doobies returned to perform its classic albums, Toulouse Street from 1972 and the following year's The Captain And Me in their entirety.

The set, which has been issued as a double-CD, double-CD/DVD, and Blu-ray version, was captured last November 15th and 16th.

Toulouse Street featured such instant classics as "Listen To The Music," "Rockin' Down The Highway" and "Jesus Is Just Alright." 1973's The Captain And Me featured such standouts as "Long Train Runnin'," "China Grove," and fan favorites "South City Midnight Lady," and "Without You."

Guitarist Pat Simmons, the sole member to have survived the Doobie Brothers' numerous lineup changes, admits that his life in the band has pretty much been a dream come true. We asked him if he ever expected the Doobies to still be played constantly on the radio and out gigging at sold out shows to a die-hard legion of fans over 45 years after forming: "Not in a million years (laughs). Y'know, most bands, y'know, last a year or two and -- if they're lucky. For me to have been able to record and make music with all these great, great players -- and still be doing it -- it's just ridiculous (laughs) -- I'm not worthy, y'know? For me, y'know, being a part of a band like this is has always been sort of; I felt, a gift (laughs). Not just musically, but the whole opportunity to kind of like the dream, in terms of being able to pursue something that you love to do and make a living out of it."