Even the Prince of Darkness is taking precautions against catching COVID-19. Ozzy Osbourne and the rest of his family are practicing social distancing at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Osbourne shared a photo last Thursday (March 26th) of her parents, Ozzy and Sharon, sitting around a pool several feet apart from each other while wearing face masks and gloves.

She wrote in an accompanying message: "Today was the first time I got to see my parents in almost 3 weeks!!! Even though i did not get to hug them.... at this point I will take what I can get. They are doing well and are save and sound for now. Thank you so much for your continued well wishes love and support. We will get through this together. I love you all. stay safe."

Ozzy canceled his 2020 tour plans last month, before the pandemic began spreading in earnest, in order to head overseas for treatment of his Parkinson's disease and other health issues. He and Sharon are more susceptible to the disease due to their ages.

Ozzy's first solo album in a decade, Ordinary Man, also came out last month. The LP's producer, guitarist and co-writer, Andrew Watt, recently revealed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19.