Ozzy Osbourne has released the official "cinematic" music video for "Under The Graveyard," the first single from Ozzy's upcoming 12th solo LP, Ordinary Man.

The semi-autobiographical video was filmed in Los Angeles and features actors Jack Kilmer as Ozzy and Jessica Barden as his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne. Set in the late 1970s in the early part of Ozzy's solo career, the clip shows "the darkness of life and how a helping hand and love can change everything" as Sharon helps the singer battle his addictions.

For the clip, the Black Sabbath frontman re-teamed with acclaimed film director, screenwriter and music video director Jonas Åkerlund, who worked with Osbourne on videos for "Let Me Hear You Scream" and "Gets Me Through."

Ozzy said in a statement, "For 'Under the Graveyard,' Jonas developed the story into a 'mini movie.' But, to be quite honest, it's hard for me to watch because it takes me back to some of the darkest times in my life. Thankfully, Sharon was there to pick me up and believe in me. It was the first time she was there to fully support me and build me back up, but it certainly wasn't the last."

Ozzy told us a while back that the many years he spent drunk and high battered his relationship with his kids: "The one downside about being the crazy guy of rock 'n' roll was the fact that I missed out on my children somewhat and they missed out on me. I had an argument with my son one time, and I go to him, 'Jack, what are you moaning at me for? You never wanted for a damn thing.' And he goes, 'Oh yeah? What about a father?' And it just kicked me straight between the legs and I was like, 'Good God.'"

Ordinary Man will be out in early 2020 and Ozzy plans to return to the road then and resume his "No More Tours 2" trek. The Black Sabbath singer postponed all his 2019 tour dates as he recovered from surgery and pneumonia.