Out today (September 7th) is Paul McCartney's 26th mainstream solo album, Egypt Station. The collection was recorded in Los Angeles, London, and Sussex, and produced -- with the exception of one track -- by Greg Kurstin, who's best known for his work behind the boards for Adele, Beck, and Foo Fighters. Egypt Station marks McCartney's return to his and the Beatles' longtime label, Capitol Records, after a 13-year-hiatus.

McCartney recently called into to New York City's National Public Radio affiliate WFUV and explained how his intention was to make Egypt Station a concept album: "The kind of albums that used to get made in the '60s and '70s; the idea then was that you sort of put on your album and you just chilled out and you would just listen to the whole album. So, it was kind of like, a journey, y'know? And you would start and go through this magical journey. So, we did that with, like, Beatles albums, like Sgt. Pepper, Pink Floyd with The Dark Side Of The Moon, so I thought it'd be nice to make an album like that, rather than, y'know, just a collection of singles." at a secret lottery-only show in Manhattan -- which his not-so-subtle online and TV clues now indicate will take place in a portioned-off section of Grand Central Station.