Paul McCartney consulted with old friend and Queen guitarist Brian May before signing on to headline next year's Glastonbury Festival. McCartney, who like Brian May, is a longtime animal rights activist, wanted May's thoughts on Glastonbury founder and dairy farmer, Michael Eavis' support of England's ongoing badger cull, which is "aimed at curbing bovine tuberculosis."

Brian May posted on his official Instagram account, "BrianMayFor Real":

Paul to play Glastonbury! Yes -- some people have been commenting to me about this, relative to my recent comments about my unwillingness to play this festival. Well, to set the record straight, Paul was kind enough to phone me about this before he accepted the invitation. He was concerned that he might be thought to be endorsing the current mass killing of badgers.

Paul, a great campaigner on behalf of animals, is firmly against the Badger Cull. I told him he should not feel any obligations -- that my reluctance to play was based on the personal comments Michael Eavis has made about me. It's true. I work daily with people who disagree with me in matters like this -- it's necessary in order to move forward. But I don't have to work with people who insult me who are ignorant of the work I do. And. . . in the end the book is never closed. . . people can change, and I'm always open to that. In the meantime I wish Paul and his band a great gig. Bri

Paul McCartney has long been one of the most vocal rockers to state that eating animals is not only bad for a human's health -- but for the planet in general. He explained that the reasons that many people in the past shied away from a meat-free diet simply don't hold up anymore: "There are a million solutions. When Linda and I first started, there weren't so many. Nowadays, it's so easy. We had to worry about the nutrition to make sure we got enough protein. And my mum -- who was a nurse -- would've thought the only way to get protein was from animals, 'cause that was the thinking back then. In actual fact, when you look into it, there are a million ways. Uh, soya, obviously, is one of 'em. Lots of vegetables contain proteins. So, you can just look it all up. There's bags of information out there these days."


The Internet was abuzz this weekend after Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell jumped up with a house band while "Macca" took the mic and sang, "I Saw Her Standing There." The bash on Saturday night (November 23rd) was thrown by the McCartney's for Shevell's family business NEMF (New England Motor Freight) and held in Jersey City, New Jersey at Hudson House.