Paul McCartney's 1991 demo for “Angel In Disguise” — a song Ringo Starr recorded, but ultimately shelved, sold at auction for far less than originally expected. The tune was the written for Ringo's comeback album — 1992's Time Takes Time — the set which marked the drummer's first set since getting sober in 1988.

The Daily Beatle reported the cassette, which featured a rough demo with McCartney on vocals and a studio track with Ringo singing, sold on Tuesday (May 19th) for only $9,758 — despite Omega Auctions hoping the tape would for for upwards of $25,000. 25 percent of proceeds were donated to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.

Paul McCartney explained that the Beatles came into their own due to the perfect combination of talent, time, and sweat: “The thing, I think, made us what we were was doin' it a lot. 'Never had a day off. Hamburg — we just work, work, work, worked. Y'know, and that's what I think made us so tight as a band. I mean, the bottom line for me is that we were a great little band. If I went (sings) 'Well, one for the money (claps)'; They'd never got (adapts think Liverpudlian accent) — 'What's that?' (laughter, McCartney makes drum noises), Everybody would just be in, like, bang! We just knew each other that well, y'know.”