As Beatles fans across the globe gear up for the release on Friday (September 26th) of the super deluxe Abbey Road box set — it might just be the first time Paul McCartney owns the album. While chatting with Radio Times, “Macca” was asked if he personally owns copies of his legendary albums. McCartney admitted, “I don’t. I often think I should have kept a copy of everything we put out, but I didn’t. Too busy living it.”

He went on to talk about the famed Abbey Road album cover, which famously featured him crossing the street barefoot: “People say, 'why didn’t you have any shoes on?' That’s purely because it was such a nice day and I’d come in flip-flops. I did a few shots with the sandals and then I kicked them off. We didn’t realize it would become iconic.”

With the Beatles' final album seeing re-release a half-century after it first hit the streets, McCartney talked candidly about the “Fab Four's” almost other-worldly bond: “It’s hard to deny there was some special spark going on. I listen to the music and just think, ‘bloody hell, it’s good.' It’s amazing how these four guys from Liverpool came together. We didn’t live near each other, so it was pretty magical we met up in the first place. You could say it was just good luck, but the fact we did so much starts to seem a little bit magical.”

During McCartney's recent appearance on CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — which was actually pre-recorded last July — he revealed that he reunites with John Lennon while unconscious: “I dream about him. When you've had a relationship like that for so long — it was such a deep relationship. I love it when people revisit you in your dreams. So, I have band dreams and they're crazy. I'm often with John and just talking about doing something, and I come to get my Hofner bass, ready to play, and it's covered in sticky tape. I had a lot of dreams about John and they're always good.”