On November 22nd Paul McCartney will digitally release two new tracks — “Home Tonight” and “In A Hurry.” The songs, which were recorded during the sessions for his chart-topping Egypt Station album, were produced by Greg Kurstin. A week after the songs drop digitally, on November 29th, the tracks will be issued as a very limited-edition Record Store Day exclusive double A-side, seven-inch, picture disc single.

According to the press release: “The limited edition vinyl picture disc will feature new and exclusively created artwork based upon the parlour game exquisite corpse along with a lyric insert.”

During Paul McCartney recent call-in into to New York City's National Public Radio affiliate WFUV he explained that even by his standards, recording Egypt Station was a pleasure from beginning to end: “It's been a fun one to make. I spent a lot of time with Greg Kurstin, who's the producer. And we had a lot of fun, y'know, we'd get in the studio, we mess around, we make the song, we goof around and 'round about five o'clock — they bring the cookies in.”

Despite earning the title of the most successful songwriter of the last century, Paul McCartney admitted that he's never fully sure if a new track makes the grade or not: “Y'know, you can never what people are gonna like. So, you write songs, you make the record as best as you can, and then certain songs (snaps fingers), people just catch hold of. Sometimes you get a feeling; you think — 'this is special.' But most of the time, you don't know. I mean, the song 'Get Back' with the Beatles, I didn't think much of it. And people kept saying, 'No, it's okay, it's good, it's good.' And finally, we made the record, and I played it to some friends, they go 'Yah! We love it! It's great, y'know!' So finally I was convinced.”