Paul McCartney digitally released two new tracks today (November 22nd) -- "Home Tonight" and "In A Hurry." The songs, which were recorded during the sessions for his chart-topping Egypt Station album, were produced by Greg Kurstin. Next week -- on November 29th -- the tracks will be issued as a very limited-edition Record Store Day exclusive double A-side, seven-inch, picture disc single.

According to the press release: "The limited edition vinyl picture disc will feature new and exclusively created artwork based upon the parlour game exquisite corpse along with a lyric insert."

Paul McCartney admitted that once new music hits the streets a bit of panic always seems to creep up on him: "You write the stuff and then you have a lot of fun recording it, and then you get ready to release it and I always forget, it's like sitting an exam -- and this is the oral. I always thing, 'I'm just doing this for me, for a bit of fun, I'm doing it for my family and stuff.' Then when you put it out, you realize, you're putting it out. So it's kind of, it's a little bit mixed feelings releasing something. But I say, it's like, you suddenly realize you've entered yourself for an exam, that you didn't mean to enter yourself for."