Paul McCartney revealed during a chat on his official website (, that an album of soundcheck performances just might see the light of day. McCartney spoke about the jams and string of covers he's collected over the years during his afternoon soundchecks prior to showtime: “We’ve got millions of them! And fortunately, there’s a guy in our team called Jamie, who logs them. And he tells me we’ve actually got thousands!”

McCartney revealed that one of the band's jams nearly made it onto his recent chart-topper, Egypt Station: “Some of them are really good and occasionally I'll pick one out and work on it. For Egypt Station, I picked one out, though we didn’t finish it. I picked one out and we’re kind of making a track around this riff from the soundcheck jam. ‘Cause it was like, 'That was a good little riff!' But because they’re improvised they’re instant and then they’re gone.”

He went on to say, “Thankfully our stuff is captured because these days you can record just about anything that moves! So, our sound desk captures it and the guys there will make a note of that track: 'That was kind of good!' And sometimes one of our security guys, Mike will say, 'Hey boss, you know that song you did the other day, did you make that up?' I go, 'Yeah!' And he’ll go, 'Wow!' Because some of them are really good and they could fool you into thinking that’s a real song. When you pull it off, it’s nice. It’s a little treasure trove! And one day we will have to put together an album, or something, with a selection of these songs that we’ve gathered. Because they are from all around the world!”

Paul McCartney admitted that these days he loves everything about the road — especially his pre-show schedule: “It's really nice. Y'know, sometimes I will do a radio (interview) on the way in; 'cause its kinda exciting, you're in a town and you're actually in the police motorcade and you're actually going to the venue. And I always think its really cool — if I was a listener, I think, 'Yeah, cool, he's in the town! Yeah!' We get in and we do a soundcheck — just sort of check out our instruments and stuff — and often do a bunch of songs that we don't do in the show in the evening.”

Paul McCartney was asked why with such a well-oiled, tight, professional band he still undergoes a daily soundcheck prior to a lengthy evening gig: “The real answer is, 'We love it.' So, y'know, whenever we kind of get to the place, we've got to give our (sound) man out front a chance to get his mics up, check that they're all working, and so they do a tech test first of all — but then we come in for the last three-quarters of an hour, or something, and do that. But we love it. Y'know, it's a nice opportunity to try out some new numbers, just do some stuff that we don't normally do. I enjoy solo-ing, I play a bit more lead guitar than I would normally. I only get a chance to do a couple of bits in the show — but it's really just we enjoy playing together, that's the truth of it.”