Paul McCartney looked back at his late-wife Linda McCartney's posthumous solo album, Wide Prairie, which has just been reissued. The 1998 set has been re-released on limited edition white and blue colored vinyl, classic black vinyl, digitally, and on streaming services.

McCartney spoke about the collection on his official website (, and explained that the collection holds mixed emotions for him: “Well, it’s sad because Linda died. But when we made it, of course, it wasn't sad. She was alive and there are happy memories around it. Obviously they’re tinged with sadness, but the actual record itself is very happy. When we first met, I knew she sang a little bit because we’d talk about it. She would tell me some of her memories of the college she went to, or the high school — I’m not sure which. It had a sort of Glee Club, which was like a singing club. It wasn’t the school choir, it was a little looser. And they used to sit in the bell tower apparently because it had good acoustics. They’d get together there and sing stuff. Just current songs to amuse themselves. So, I knew she sang with them and that was kind of interesting. So, when we formed Wings I said, 'Are you interested in doing it?' And she said, 'Yeah!'”

He touched upon the fact that Linda ended up being a key member of his band over the course of the 1970's, recalling, “As we went on, Linda improved and her keyboard skills improved, so when Wings were doing the big world tours, she was a very important and a very integral part of the group. She was a great sort of cheerleader, she’d really get the audience going and she had great personality on stage.”

McCartney shed light on how he convinced Linda to start recording her own original material: “As far as the singing was concerned, she liked to make up songs. She and I used to write little things together. Eventually, I sort of said to her, 'Why don’t we make an album? Why don’t you make an album? You’ve got enough stuff now.'”

Paul McCartney explained that having his wife in his band was really a no-brainer for him: “The thing is, we made a decision. It was kinda, y'know, we were in love, we wanted to be together. I think that was kind of like the central idea. And then it was like, 'Oh, well if you're going to be in the band than you'll need to learn a bit of instrument.' She played a little bit of piano — but not since she was a kid. So, I would show her basic stuff. Most of what we were doing was not Tchaikovsky.”