Paul McCartney is teaming up with Netflix for his latest animated project, High In The Clouds. The feature, which is based on McCartney's 2005 book which was co-written by longtime animator Geoff Dunbar, and Philip Ardagh, and will be produced by Netflix and Gaumont, with Oscar-nominee Timothy Reckart directing and Bob Shaye producing. The High In The Clouds screenplay will be written by Jon Crocker of Paddington fame. McCartney, who created the characters, will serve as an executive producer and compose and perform new music for the movie.

McCartney said in the statement officially announcing the Netflix team-up: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix. They complement what is already an amazing team with Gaumont and we can think of no-one better to be working with to bring our film to a global audience. I've always loved animated films and this is a hugely important passion project for me. I can't wait for the world to see it."

The story behind High In The Clouds is: "An imaginative teenage squirrel named Wirral finds himself pulled into a ramshackle gang of teenage rebels who live high in the clouds after he accidentally antagonizes Gretsch the owl, the tyrannical leader (and fabulous singer!), who steals the voice of anyone who upstages her."

In addition to voicing one of the characters, McCartney has also written over half-a-dozen new songs for the project. In 2015, two photos of McCartney collaborating with Lady Gaga on one of the songs popped up on Gaga's Instagram account.

Paul McCartney, who has produced several animated featurettes over the years -- including 1984's Rupert And The Frog Song and 1997's Tropic Island Hum -- told us that he personally prefers the old-fashioned way of creating cartoons: "I always have been in love with the sort of hand drawn thing. What we do nowadays, is we actually combine computer technology but I still like that old look I still think it's a very artistic look. I actually prefer it to the completely computer look."