Borrowing a page from the Bruce Springsteen playbook, Paul McCartney stumbled upon a Winnipeg couple taking their wedding pictures and decided to jump in the photo shoot. The former-Beatle, who more often then not, bikes around the cities he performs in, was in town for Friday night's show (September 28th) at Winnipeg's Bell MTS Place.

According to Winnipeg's CTV News, "Jennifer and Steven were posing for their wedding pictures on Winnipeg’s Waterfront Drive when Paul McCartney came riding by on his bike with his bodyguards. The couple’s photographer Laurie Dixon, from Madix Photography, said on Facebook that McCartney stopped to pose for pictures and shook their hands."

Back in 1964, during the height of "Beatlemania," Paul McCartney was asked what -- if anything -- he missed most about his pre-fame days: "The best thing about -- before all of this sort of happend for us -- was that you could, y'know, wander 'round. Never be. . . never have to think, y'know, 'Oh, look, why is that person looking at me 'cause I'm famous,' or anything. They ne. . . Nobody ever looked at you, y'know? And so, it was great just to sort of walk around like that. So, those times."

Paul McCartney's next shows are set for October 5th and 12th in Austin, Texas at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.