Paul McCartney has just posted a new Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney will post a new tracklisting with a specific theme -- with February, obviously, featuring songs for "Valentine's Day."

In the "Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket" section of the site, a message was posted, reading, "Here at we love Valentine's Day -- it's one of our favourite days of the year! And to help spread the love, we've collected together some of our favourite silly love songs from Paul. So light a candle, dim those lights and set the romantic ambience with February's 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' love playlist."

A highlight on the new playlist is McCartney's fall 1987 demo with Elvis Costello for their-long unreleased tune "Twenty Fine Fingers," which finally saw release on "Macca's" 2017 Flowers In The Dirt box set. McCartney recently looked back on his brief -- but fruitful -- collaboration with Costello: "With Elvis, you're not going to have too much shyness; that's one thing -- he's not shy, y'know? He's definitely got an opinionated attitude, y'know? But, as I say, in this context it's great. It was good fun, we sat down to write some stuff, eventually ended up writing wrote nine things."

Another highlight on the playlist is McCartney's first solo classic -- 1970's "Maybe I'm Amazed": "'Maybe I'm Amazed' sums up the time for me. Y'know, Linda and I had just got together and that song was my amazement at getting with this great girl. It just worked. I didn't really stress out over it. I just made this song up and thought of lyrics, like, y'know, 'hung me on a line,' 'pull(ed) me out of time,' and things -- just little phrases that occurred to me about this relationship."

The February 2020 McCartney "love" Spotify playlist is:

"Maybe I'm Amazed" - 1970
"Happy With You" - 2018
"She's My Baby" - 1976
"Valentine Day" - 1970
"My Valentine" - 2012
"Twenty Fine Fingers" (Demo) - 1987
"Little Woman Love" - 1972
"My Love" - 1973
"Really Love You" - 1997
"Thank You Darling" - 1972
"Silly Love Songs" - 1976