Paul McCartney has contributed the bass to a tribute single saluting the late-Henry McCullough, Wings' first lead guitarist. McCullough, who was best known for his legendary solo on the band's first chart-topper, “My Love,” died in 2016 after suffering a serious heart attack that left him brain damaged and disabled. reported that along with McCartney on bass, the track, “Live Long Rock N' Roll” — which was written my McCullough and Don Mescall — features Procal Harum's Gary Brooker, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, and legendary guitarist Albert Lee, among others. “Live Long Rock N' Roll” will be released on August 16th.

Don Mescall spoke about snagging McCartney for the recording, telling Hot Press magazine: “Everyone told me I was crazy and I'd never get him. But a week or two later, word got back to me from 'Macca' that he loved the song and he really wanted to play on it. There are still sometimes when I'm on my own in the studio when I'll listen to Paul McCartney's bass on the track and think, 'If anyone brought magic to this track — it was Sir Paul McCartney.' I have to hand it to him. This wasn't a rushed job. He put heart and soul into the bass line on the track. It's absolutely incredible.”

Henry McCullough played a crucial role in Wings' first chart-topper, 1973's “My Love,” which is without a doubt, his shining moment from his 19-month stint in the band. Shortly before his 2016 death, he admitted to us that the solo he played was nothing short of divine intervention — taking McCartney completely by surprise: “He says, 'Well, what are ya goin' to play?' I said, 'I don't know.' And this is God's truth, I'm not tellin ya, a word of a lie here. I was in the studio with a 50-piece orchestra, I think it was, to put the solo on. The fired it up and pressed the (record) button and I played the solo from beginning to end. And Paul came out and said, 'Have you been rehearsin' that?' I said, 'I'll be honest with ya, I've never heard that melody or what was played — I never heard any of it before! I said a prayer just before startin' it and set off and that's the way it turned out.'”