It looks as though Paul McCartney will be playing yet another secret gig next week in London. "Macca" posted a message on his social media platforms stating: "Why do you think you should attend a secret event in #London with #PaulMcCartney next week? Post a short video using the hashtag #UnderTheStaircase." The usually reliable website, The Daily Beatle, reported: "An unconfirmed rumor points to Studio Two at Abbey Road as the most likely venue. So if you're planning to be in London next week, you know what to do!"

McCartney last took fans by surprise back on June 9th performed a mini-set at Liverpool's Philharmonic Pub and Dining Rooms -- affectionately referred to as "The Phil" -- which was filmed for the benefit of McCartney's appearance on The Late Show with James Corden.

Most fans have forgotten that all of McCartney's initial post-Beatles shows were secret, surprise gigs. In early-1972, he and his newly formed band Wings traveled up England's M1 motorway and stopped at local universities to play for the door at campus dining halls and student unions: "We decided to go back to square one and not form a, sort of, great big 'supergroup' and come out the level the Beatles were at. So, it was kinda funny looking back on it. We just stuck everything in a van -- dogs, children, potty -- and just went up the motorway without any bookings, without any hotels. Anyway, we found Nottingham University and went and did a gig there and (then) did a little, kind of, university tour. So from those small beginnings, we gradually formed Wings."