During his monthly chat with fans on his official website (PaulMcCartney.com), Paul McCartney touched upon his fabled Cold Cuts project. The album, which started life back in 1974 as a budget release titled Hot Hitz And Cold Cuts, was to feature non-LP singles and outtakes from McCartney's first few post-Beatles albums, and was originally intended to be released in March 1975. With Band On The Run becoming the runaway hit of 1974 — and all but returning McCartney to '60s-era chart-domination — both McCartney and his label decided a new studio album should serve as a followup to the chart-topping Wings hit.

In 1978, McCartney, ditching the idea of including outtakes and assorted curios, instead released the straight hits compilation, Wings Greatest. In 1980 and '81, McCartney and Wings devoted further sessions in getting what was then known as Cold Cuts into shape for a 1981 release. Following John Lennon's murder, McCartney iced the project choosing instead to come back with newly-written material. The project was once again considered for release in 1987 before finally being scrapped for good.

“Macca” told his website readers, “The original idea was based around a title I came up with and quite liked which was Hot Hitz And Cold Cuts. I thought it would be great, you just put all your top hits on it and then some 'cold cuts.' But actually when I mentioned it to my record label at the time, they didn't like the idea of the cold cuts, they wanted everything to be hits, hits, hits! So they didn't particularly go for that idea. But what has happened over the years is many of those cold cuts — which are B-sides and unknown tracks — have been released in our remastered 'Archive Collection' series.”

He went on to say, “Maybe one day it would make an album. The funny thing is, I was friends with an American artist that I admire a lot called Saul Steinberg. I asked him if he would do a cover for it and he did. It's a nice thing! So, I've got the cover and maybe one of these days it will get released. The thing is, how much can you release without it looking stupid, y'know? New album, 'Archive Collection' reissues, and then the Beatles stuff! So, it's hard to slot in another thing, but maybe one of these days. It would be an interesting little thing!”

McCartney told us that as unbelievable as it may seem, as the years roll by, he actually looks forward to working more than ever before: “Yeah, I think there is an aspect of that. It's crazy, really. It's very paradoxical. Because you would think that the natural thing is I'd be completely bored. That is a strange thing, isn't it? Y'know, it is crazy.”