Paul Simon has announced an August 9th appearance at San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. Tonight (March 25th), Simon will once again appear on CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Although he's retired from touring, Simon had said prior to launching his farewell trek last year that he intended to continue to sporadically perform and donate the proceeds to charity — preferably those focused on the environment.

Simon posted on his official website ( “I’m looking forward with great anticipation to playing at Golden Gate Park this summer. This will be my first appearance there, and it’s an honor to join the long line of musicians who’ve given the park its sanctified musical heritage. I’m equally pleased to be playing in San Francisco with its well-deserved reputation for being in the forefront of environmental issues. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service to this vital cause.”

The website announced that Simon would be donating the net proceeds from his performance to local environmental organizations.

Although he's rated as one of the most serious singer/songwriters of his generation, Paul Simon has long wished that his humor would've shined a bit more brightly in his material: “Well, I always put some jokes into my songs, but sometimes they don't. . . sometimes people don't read 'em as jokes. I think that's because most of the time people think of me as very serious, so they're not expecting a joke to come. And also, there's something about my voice that it doesn't tip off a joke. It still sounds serious. I mean, it's a quality that I wish I could have in my voice; a sense of irony or laughing.”