Paul Simon will be releasing not one -- but two -- new albums later this year. Simon has been offering fans a music folio at his recent shows, which serves as a concert program that includes a six-sing MP3 download of a half-dozen songs which are culled from his upcoming rarities collection, titled Alternative Tunings. In addition to that, Simon’s other new set, In the Blue Light, will be released in September. This is most likely the new album of songs that Simon has been recording over the past several years, focusing on tunes from his back catalogue that he feels either never reached their potential in the studio -- or were simply passed by over the years.

The Second Disc posted the songs included on the MP3 download featured on the Alternative Tunings sampler sold in the folio on the concert merch tables:

"Song For The Asking" (Solo Demo) (released version from Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970)

"Papa Hobo" (Solo Demo) (released version from Paul Simon, 1972)

"Learn How To Fall" (Solo Demo) (released version from There Goes Rhymin’ Simon, 1973)

"Silent Eyes" (Film Score Outtake) (released version from Still Crazy After All These Years, 1975)

"Hearts And Bones" (Solo Demo) (released version from Hearts And Bones, 1983)

"Citizen Of The Planet" (Solo Demo) (released version from Simon & Garfunkel, Old Friends: Live On Stage, 2004)

Paul Simon was recently asked whom he considered the top songwriters in modern times: "I would probably put (George) Gershwin in there melodically and maybe Richard Rodgers melodically, Hank Williams should be in there. I think -- maybe Bob Marley's in there. I think out of my generation there's a few (who) were exceptional, but the great melody writer out of my generation, I thought -- in his youth -- was Paul McCartney."