Paul Stanley is nearly done with his debut album by his R&B covers band Soul Station. During the course of their assorted Southern California gigs over the past few years, Stanley and the band stayed far away from Kiss material by tackling only '60s and '70s soul/pop classics by the Jackson Five, the Isley Brothers, the Delfonics, the Temptations, the Miracles, Al Green, the Stylistics, and the Spinners, among others. Soul Station also features Kiss drummer Eric Singer.

Blabbermouth transcribed some of Stanley's chat on a local Florida radio station in which he gave an update on the solo project, revealing, "It's almost done. But we're gonna wait (to release it), because it really deserves full attention and my full commitment. So until we can do great live performances -- the band is amazing live -- and until we can promote it the way we should, it's just going to simmer. But it's really just mind-blowing good. These are songs that, for one reason or another, have been relegated to samples on a rap tune. And I don't wanna hear background music for a rhyme -- I wanna hear those songs."

Stanley, who hasn't released a solo album since 2006's Live To Win, went on to say that he understands the R&B route might be a hard sell for some members of the "Kiss Army": "I'm sure there are some people who'd rather me doing a Kiss album or something like that, but when you sign on with me, you understand that we're both in this together, and sometimes I have to do what I need to do. And that's part of the joy and the reward for me. So I would rather do a great Soul Station album right now than tamper with Kiss or the Kiss legacy and do something that I'm really not feeling at the moment."

Paul Stanley told us that he always wanted Kiss' greatest work to contain everything that he loved and admired about his favorite records growing up: "I'd like to think that the bands that you are influenced and inspired by doesn't necessarily mean that you mimic them. It means that their passion, or their approach is inspirational. So, whether its gospel, or Motown -- it all is music of passion. And that's what I think we wanted to and I wanted to see us channel was the passion and the fervor that all the music I loved had. Y'know, its not about perfection -- it's about passion."

Last month, Paul Stanley published his second memoir, titled Backstage Pass.

Kiss will next perform on May 27th in Leipzig, Germany.