On Sunday night, September 2nd, Pearl Jam kicked off two sold out shows at Boston's Fenway Park. The group paid homage to the late Senator John McCain and Tom Petty. The group dedicated "Army Reserve" to McCain and other veterans. The song, which is from the perspective a woman with a husband who is serving in the Armed Forces, includes the line, "She tells herself and everyone else/Father is risking his life for our freedoms."

  • Eddie Vedder shared a story about giving Petty a guitar that he was looking for and within two weeks, Petty paid back the favor by sending Vedder a red Fender Telecaster. The singer played the guitar during a solo rendition of "I Won't Back Down."
  • While the group didn't mention President Trump during the performance, Vedder made the theme of the night clear when he improvised the words, "No more divisiveness, no more divisiveness," during the group's "Blood."