As most who fans know, Pete Townshend has always been a dog person — going back to the early-'70s when he was photographed with the family pooch, “Towser.” Townshend has contributed to his wife Rachel Fuller's new Animal Requiem due out on March 8th, which was created in part in the memory of her and Townshend's deceased dogs.

Townshend told The Times about his feelings and beliefs regarding man's best friend, explaining, “I'm crazy about dogs. And they are good for me because I'm manic. I swing in and out of depression, and 25 years of being clean (from drink and drugs) means I have high highs and low lows. Rachel is wonderful, sharing my life with her is wonderful, but it's not unconditional. When you're down, having a dog who comes up and licks your face changes your body chemistry. I do love them. I miss them when they go. But I have a farmer's attitude: they do their job and then they pass on to the other side. I believe in reincarnation and, although I can't prove it, I believe that when dogs are ready they reincarnate into humans.”

Pete Townshend has never been one to rest on his laurels, jumping head first into new and challenging musical, film and theatrical projects. He's amazed at how much slack rock fans seem to give their heroes once they hit a certain age: “I think one of the things that aging rock stars are doing at the moment is waiting to see what happens next. And I think the public seems to be quite patient to wait with them, and I can't, I can't understand why. I can't understand why anybody is so patient to watch a clock go by.”