Pete Townshend says that the Who's current tour has challenged him. In a new Live Nation promotional video spotlighting the band's upcoming North American leg, Townshend explained, “What's interesting about this event — the Who, 'Moving On!' with an orchestra — is that it really is a big move on. This is something that Roger (Daltrey) started. We're doing a few new things, a few things that we haven't done before. We're doing 'Imagine A Man,' we're doing 'Behind Blue Eyes' with acoustic guitars and cello and violin.” Townshend went on to admit: “If I was still in my drinking days, this would be a disaster.”

Townshend looked back 50 years to the Who's watershed rock opera, which broke the group globally: “When Tommy came out, it did so well, I had serious music critics (writing), 'This is a really imaginative and successful piece of composing. On the other hand, it's a stupid story.' We were being treated very seriously, and as a budding serious composer, I loved that. . . The Who had an extraordinary manager (Kit Lambert). We made him a little silly opera for his birthday. He said, 'Pete, I know this was a joke, but have you ever thought about trying to write an opera?' and I said, 'Well, I am studying, y'know, music.'”

Pete Townshend told us that he's constantly able to find ways to bring something new out of the Who's music and his performance: “No, I don't get bored with the Who show, but it is like Groundhog Day. We go out and it's like 'how can I make this different, how can I make this special.' And partly that's what I rise to, is trying to do something where I may push myself to higher heights each night and do whatever it is that I'm doing. Whether I can whirl my arm a couple of miles-an-hour faster than the night before, or hopefully play better music.”