Despite his hard rock credentials, Peter Frampton revealed to us that his all-time favorite album is by jazz legend Miles Davis. Frampton, whose jazz-influenced lead work has been a hallmark of his work over the past 50 years, recently released the album, All Blues, which debuted at Number One on the Billboard Blues Albums chart.

Frampton told us hands down, the 1959 jazz classic is his ultimate "go-to" music: "Kind Of Blue, Miles' album is, is my Desert Island Disc. If I only had one record, hopefully it would be a turntable as well and vinyl (laughs). If I was allowed one on there, it would be Kind Of Blue. No guitar on there! Wow?! Is that weird? No! Because the melodies, and the notes, and the chords, and the playing is all encompassing for me. That album says it all."

Peter Frampton will appear on the series finale of CBS' Madam Secretary. The episode will air on Sunday, December 8th. Check your local listings for air times.