Peter Frampton is overwhelmed by outpouring of love and support he's received since launching his farewell tour earlier this month. Frampton's new album, All Blues, debuted at Number One on the Billboard Blues Albums Chart, and the guitarist has been forced to say goodbye to the road upon discovering he's suffering from a degenerative muscle disease called Inclusion-Body Myositus (IBM), that slowly weakens the body's muscles.

Frampton spoke to Relix and explained, “I’ve received an incredible feeling of support and love from my fans. It’s very moving that they are confessing to me all sorts of things that I’ve helped them through over the years and how important my music has been to them. It is a true honor to hear that.”

He went on to say, “I think back to 1971, when I’m sitting at home in London writing whatever’s going to be on my first album and no one really knows who I am other than 'the stupid guitar player who left Humble Pie.' (Laughs) I had no idea of longevity. To me, it was a gift to be able to write those songs and, for other people, it was a gift to hear them. I’m sort of speechless. I don’t know what to say because it’s beyond anything I could have ever dreamed”

Frampton is slowly coming to terms that his playing to the level he's been accustomed to will change in the coming years: “I’m a perfectionist, as most musicians are. My motto has always been: 'Before I go to sleep tonight, I want to have learned something. I want to have come up with a new chord, a new riff or a new idea — something that I didn’t wake up with this morning.' So I’ve always worked toward a progression of new material in my own playing, ever since I started. But, it’s sped up since I got diagnosed because it made me realize, 'Hey, buddy, you might not be able to do this much longer.'”

Frampton, who's always remained an unabashed optimist said, “It’s a sad thing to think about but it’s important to keep in mind that my IBM is life-changing, not life-threatening. Of course, it’s also why we’re doing four albums (Laughs).”

Although Peter Frampton and the band are performing a healthy dose of material from Frampton Comes Alive, over the decades Frampton said that how he delivers the songs is different in many ways: “The night before and the night after was. . . I never played the same thing twice. I, I can't remember what I played the night before, so — and I don't want to remember what I played the night before, y'know? Trying to play what you did in 1975, June the 15th in San Francisco, is — I wouldn't be able to do it, nor would I want to.”

Peter Frampton performs tonight (July 3rd) in Syracuse, New York at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview.